Iridium_Flying_V_July_13_2011Lotta dues Jim, Lotta dues…

That’s a line from a play about Lenny Bruce, and man oh man ain’t that the truth!!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining! I’ve had an unbelievable career so far and I’m very grateful.

Imagine a 13 year old sitting in his bedroom with his first guitar that “almost” stays in tune. He’s dreaming big dreams, hoping someday……you know the rest!

Well I got my wish. I’ve traveled the world with Joan Jett and The Blackhearts, had a couple of hit records and played guitar for two of my favorites–Roger Daltrey and Ian Hunter. I’ve also had the damn good fortune to have shared a stage with everyone from Jimmy Page, Leslie West, Steve Marriott to Rufus Thomas (I got to “Walk the Dog”)

I’ve had artists who I love and respect cover songs I’ve written ,and even got to decorate a wall in Byrdland with a few gold and platinum records.

Nice huh?

Problem is I’m not the kind that can rest on my laurels (you know how painful that can be!).

This is now and now I’m a solo artist–playing my songs, making my music and fighting my battles!

To be honest I’m feeling a little punchy from all the fighting.

But I promise you this…they’’ll have to carry me out of the ring still swingin’ and still singin’.

Let’s face it the music business (what’s left of it) is not for the faint of heart. it can break your spirit and leave you bitter.”It was you Charlie…you shoulda watched out for me. I coulda been a contender!”

Sorry, I had a Brando moment!.

Anyway as the saying goes… you buttered your bread now you gotta sleep in it…or something like that.

Where was I? Oh yeah

These days I have no illusions or expectations other than making the coolest music I can and have fun doing it.

So keep your eyes and ears open cause sooner or later I’ll be coming to your town. It might be a stadium,a theatre,a club or maybe even a coffeehouse, but you can bet the farm I’ll have a big ass grin on my face and be happy to be there.

See you in the trenches,