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What The Press Are Saying About Lifer



“Indeed, Lifer is a celebration of the type of compact, hooky songwriting and radiant guitar crunch that characterized classic rock and roll.”

-Guitar World


“Listen to Lifer and you’ll hear strains of a variety of classic rock, soul and blues artists that emerged during the 1960s and early ‘70s, from Otis Redding to The Rolling Stones to Rod Stewart to Mott the Hoople.”

-ABC Radio Network 


“On the album, Byrd takes us on a musical journey through the different eras of rock and soul that have defined him as a player and when it comes down to it, a person. ”

-AOL Noisecreep


“The album is confident and celebratory, the sound of a guy starting a fresh era in an already-accomplished career.”

-New York Times Syndicate


“The record is a full-on slice of good-time rock and soul,”


“All those great ’70s artists — The Stones, Bowie, Mott the Hoople, Humble Pie, et al —were absorbed right into Byrd’s creative bloodstream and transfused right into this new album.”



“…the [Bronx native] performs the 11 original compositions with such enthusiasm and exuberance… Those who are familiar with Byrd’s guitar work only via Blackhearts music will be pleasantly surprised by his soulful vocals and fine songwriting.”

-Vintage Guitar


“Beyond its myriad splendors – crunchy, zippy, easy-to-like tunes; clear, concise, evocative lyrics – is Byrd’s wonderfully vibrant guitar playing, an idiosyncratic mix of punchy inventiveness and puckish humor.”

-Music Radar


LIFER is a straight forward 70’s Rock n Roll album for the new millennium. All the influences from that era mixed with prime musicianship make for the debut of the year thus far. Fantastic from start to finish and made to be turned up to maximum level.”



“THIS is what rock and roll is SUPPOSED to sound like: great songs, great riffs, and rough, sweaty vocals. Ain’t no auto-tuning here: Ricky Byrd’s rock is alive and well, thank you!”

- Q104.3 Classic Rock New York 


“Determined to help revive that classic 70’s rock and roll style and sound, guitarist HYPERLINK “”Ricky Byrd is identifying himself as a powerful musical presence…”

-Guitar International


“Not that you’d have any doubt that someone with Ricky Byrd’s history couldn’t produce a great album, but Lifer is even better than one could have ever hoped for.”

-Vintage Rock


“If Ricky Byrd wasn’t born to rock, suffice it to say he was raised in its service.”



“The music on Lifer is an amalgamation of his influences, yet he is still able to stamp his larger than life personality on top of it all. These songs are not just music to Byrd, they are bits and pieces of his heart and soul. He is a true artist and this is his canvass. Suffice it to say, he’s created a masterpiece…. If I had to use one word to describe Lifer by Ricky Byrd is would be a four letter one…REAL.”

-Classic Rock Revisited


“Lifer is a top-down-in-the-Summer-blared-at-full-volume album that will live in your CD player. What the hell took you so long, Ricky?”

-Prog Sheet


“This is the record for all of us that cut our teeth on the Stones, Mott, Bowie, the Faces – the stuff that never gets old. Ricky’s guitar playing is inspired, and he wears his New York heart on his sleeve, delivering honest, bluesy, beautiful odes to all the things he loves; a very cool thing given his amazing taste. With Lifer, Byrd reminds us why we fell in love with rock and roll so much in the first place.”

-Chris Epting, Music Journalist/Author


“…a collection of vintage sounding rock and roll in the vein of the Stones or Faces and that just aint a bad thing!”

-The Alternate Root 


“…First and foremost “Lifer” stands so extremely firm on its own. It doesn’t need to be sold on the names of others, although Byrd himself mentions a number of his inspirations during the first traci ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Boys’. He’s allowed- he has paid his dues and then some. “

-Tommy Lund Blog


The entire album features an easy-on-the-ears rock sound… while always filled with captivating guitar licks and complementary brass playing.”

-Music Enthusiast Magazine 


“Full of rock, soul and traces of other styles, the disc comprises Byrd’s vision of who he is as an artist, as well as a sonic description of the world around him.”

-Times Record (Fort Smith, AR)


“…A pure slice of good-time rock and roll, shot through with blues and R&B…”

-Blog Talk Radio 


“Whatever style he’s exploring, Byrd proves to be an able, affable vocalist (check out his sensitive reading of the Springsteen-esque closer “Turnstile 01”)—and of course, his guitar work is impeccable, from the Keith Richards riffage of “Harlem Rose” to the slinky lines of “Things to Learn.”

-Technology Tell 


“To his credit Byrd puts his own stamp on this mountain of musical homage with a solid set of personal lyrics and unaffected vocal style.”

-Skeleton Top ten songs of the week June 11 2013

Foolish Kind comes in at #4


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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nomination – Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

Nominated for induction into the Rock and Roll hall of Fame ..class of 2012

This is a long way from being elected …but it’s a start

Just the fact that we are in the company of my old pal Steve Marriott and Small
faces sends a chill up my spine!

All I can say cool is this!!!!!